HI! Vic here…

Being an upright bass player, I have spent many years (and too much money) trying to find that right sound. Constantly buying new pickups that were overpriced and either broke too easy or underperformed. I got fed up and decided to start making my own.

Over the years of touring I have seen just about every way to destroy equipment, especially pickups! I have come up with a series of piezo pickups that work for all styles of upright bass playing. They are built tough. And with over a thousand units sold… people seem to like them!

I often get asked about the price of these pickups. Im a working musician. I know how times get tight and new equipment is hard to come by. Im not looking to get rich off of these pickups. I make them and set the prices where they are to help out fellow upright bass players. In this case a cheap price does not mean a cheap product.

I back each pickup with a lifetime warranty as well. You break it. I fix it. More details on this in the warranty section on this site.

I highly recommend checking out the “tips for using your pickup” section on this page. To the beginner, all these wires and jacks and what to start with can be confusing. Im always happy to answer any questions. Contact me anytime at

More information for each pickup system below is available in the menu at the top of this page!

Thank You!

The Best Seller! All You Need To Get Started.

A Popular Replacement For Those Using A Stereo Preamp.

Want To Add That “Click” Sound To Your Existing Pickup?

Looking To Make Those High Notes Sing?

Jacks Available To Fit Your Preamp

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